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Technorati Doesnt Count Microblogs:

Something Mack Collier just said rang a bell in my head: Technorati doesn’t count services like Twitter, Friendfeed, Plurk,, etc, as valid sources of traffic for a blog. Meaning, for the dozens of people who say that they find something interesting and share the link on Twitter, none of that goes towards whether a blog is authoritative.

Does that actually make sense? If we’re shifting as a user base into using services like Facebook, Twitter, and Jaiku more frequently (okay, not Jaiku), why wouldn’t Technorati, the current reigning source of “authority” of blogs on the web, count these sources?

Has Technorati become the Alexa of measurement?

Update: I guess Alexa counts FireFox now, too. Again, if you have the bar installed. Thanks for the update. (Note: Alexa, as far as I know, only counts users of the IE browser with the Alexa toolbar installed in its ratings of who visits your website, versus Compete and others who count much more.)

Technorati is a great place to get numbers about blogs, or to learn about what is reverberating around the blogosphere. But Twitter, Friendfeed and others provide alternative means for blog-like information to move freely.

So, what is the premier site for analyzing blogs may find itself missing large swaths of data that essentially fill the same niche.

What should it do to adapt? Novel approaches for information flow will continue to be created and an organization can not continue to commit to a niche when the niche changes.

How does a group know when to take on new areas and when not to? This is one os the critical questions we face today. An innovation organization that is not ready to answer that question almost every day may not be around long.

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