Multi-level experience

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Cameron Neylon and the full web2.0 experience:
[Via OpenWetWare]

Earlier today fellow OWW blogger Cameron Neylon gave a talk at the Institutional Web Managers Workshop in Aberdeen and did so, not only for those present at the venue, but also to anyone with internet access.

Cameron set out to stream the talk via webcast, have updates via FriendFeed and also microblogging via Twitter.

The presentation was viewed by quite a few folks and many participated on FriendFeed. Cameron even stated that he noticed 20 new followers on his twitter account!

Giving talks can be stressful as is, so this requires some congratulating for the effort. Great work Cameron!

It is very likely that presentations in the near future will not only be in-person and streamed on the web, but also include much larger back channels using FriendFeed and Twitter.

There will not only be a way to enlarge the audience, but all these conversations can be examined in order to get a much better idea of how the presentation went and what effect any new data will have on other investigations.

Presentations will not simply be monologs anymore but will have be just a part of the overall conversation. This means scientific information travels farther, faster, with greater vetting by peers than ever before.

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