Welcome to SpreadingScience

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We are trying to put our ideas into practice – helping organize a community to make wiser decisions by more efficient diffusion of innovations.

We facilitate the rapid diffusion of innovative information throughout an organization.

We do this is by combining models and research describing how human communities effectively deal with complex problems, with modern computational aproaches for detailing how human social networks are constructed.  This allows us to examine and optimize these networks, moving creative solutions rapidly through an organization and reducing the social friction that so often makes it impossible to adapt to changing environments.

Solving modern complex problems is about collaborations and conversations, leveraging human social networks into the digital realm. This is how complexity will be dealt with.

We help organizations succeed with their internal and external conversations, accelerating the movement of complex data as it is transformed from information into the knowledge needed to make a decision or take an action.

The information column to the right of this webpage has some links to more information dealing with innovations and how they are adopted by a community.