Science 1.0 Also

SpreadingScience uses a variety of approaches to increase the flow of scientific information. This helps create knowledge, eventually leading to wisdom. We focus on helping research organizations gain expertise in Web 2.0 technologies.

These approaches move human interactions and conversations into a digital realm. Here the inherent advantages of openness and transparency can greatly leverage these interactions, allowing much more complex questions to be investigated. The term Science 2.0 has recently been coined to describe this.

However, Science 2.0 approaches can not be effectively used unless Science 1.0 works also. Scientific communication using weblogs and wikis will not progress unless scientists and others can adequately communicate the knowledge they possess.

Thus, we also work with researchers on basic communication skills: writing papers, giving presentations, etc. We have a varied curriculum, ranging from a short hour long overview to half-day/full day sessions, all the way to full week workshops. We cover all aspects of scientific communications, from putting a paper together, to creating a dynamic poster, onto using wikis in scientific research.

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