Friendfeed for business

How to Use Friendfeed as a Collaborative Business Tool:

teacher The social media aggregation software, Friendfeed has much more value than one might originally think. The tool lets you add several disparate parts of your social web use into one spot (it collects your blog, your Flickr account, your event list, your bookmarks, etc).

Most people use this as a way to share a more enriched experience with friends and colleagues. But I think there’s a business opportunity in using the tool for collaborative business. Remember, Friendfeed can collect your status information, your presence, media from several sources, your bookmarks. There are many ways to use that. Here’s one set of use cases to consider for that purpose.
How to Use Friendfeed as a Collaborative Business Tool

Sign up for an account on Friendfeed.
On the”me” tab, on the right where it says “services,”click “Edit/add.”
Add appropriate accounts. (See below).


Friendfeed is a recently developed Web 2.0 tool. It will be interesting to see how it develops as a business tool.

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