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With the increase in the number of journals and articles being published every year and the possibility of having an even larger set of “gray literature” available online we face the challenge of filtering out those bits of information that are relevant for us.

Let us define as “perceived impact” this subjective measure of importance that some bit of information holds for us as scientists. This information is typically an article but it could be applied later to pre-prints and database entries in general.

So begins a nice essay looking at possible ways to filter articles AfTER publication on the Web, rather than BEFORE publication, which is what happens now with most journals.

No real answer except the idea that leveraging all the eyes on the web could accomplish a lot of this. RSS can be used to rapidly identify articles. Links to the PDFs plus any comments I may have can be quickly placed on my personal blog.

I can then come back later, when I have more time and spend it with the articles I have shown some interest in. If I am a good filter of articles, others can subscribe to my newsfeed, leveraging my abilities without having to do the filtering themselves.

Perhaps something could be done with a similar process. It would not replace other approaches but serve as an adjunct.

It’s a thought.

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