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Interview with Flat World Knowledge:
[Via Open Access News]

Dian Schaffhauser, Textbook Publishing in a Flat World, Campus Technology, August 6, 2008. (Thanks to Garrett Eastman.) An interview with Eric Frank, co-founder of OA textbook publisher Flat World Knowledge.

See also our past posts on FWK.

The idea of an Open Access textbook publisher seems foolhardy at first blush. But Flat Earth has a plan that just might be viable.

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2 thoughts on “Open Access Textbooks”

  1. I find this an absolutely great idea and only hope it works. Most university profs are so hide-bound, but maybe some of the younger ones will get with the program.

  2. Often the University environment prefers hidebound. Until one gets tenure, it is preferable to be what the University wants.

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