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You Want ROI? Try This:
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The Times today catches on to a trend we’ve all been noticing for months: Replacing in-person meetings with virtual ones saves time and money. But check out this remarkable ROI story from the article:

“Corporate training and education is a field many companies are moving online, in part to trim travel costs. Darryl Draper, the national manager of customer service training for Subaru of America, used to travel four days a week, nine months of the year, presenting educational programs at dealers nationwide. Today, Ms. Draper rarely travels and nearly all of her training is done online.

Previously, Ms. Draper estimated, in six months she would reach about 220 people at a cost of $300 a person. She said she now reaches 2,500 people every six months at a cost of 75 cents a person.”

There are times for face-to-face meetings but generally training is not one of them. The effects of Web 2.0 approaches on training will have substantial impacts on the bottom line.

Cisco has reduced traveling expenses by $100 million and decreased greenhouse emissions 10% by moving online for meetings. Air travel is down by 25% in some offices at HP using videoconferencing. With air travel being so costly, both in money and in wasted time by employees, videoconference and other Web 2.0 approaches should really explode over the next few years.

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