Cuil is middling

Cuil Misses Me:

cuil search engine
I just tried out Cuil, which is supposed to be amazing and better search engine, and what not (that’s what they told Mike Arrington). But it didn’t work for me.

I searched on “Chris Brogan” and found all kinds of relevant info, including random pictures not related to the text results beside the search, and none of them my main URL.

I searched on “” and it couldn’t find my URL.

I searched on “chrisbrogan” and it found a bunch of social networks where I’ve used that username.

Call me egotistical, but if you can’t find yourself in a search engine after a decade of littering the web with your presence, I’m thinking it’s not much of a search engine.

I had a similar experience. Not only were the pages that came up when I used my name out of date but many were also not accessible anymore. Why does it provide links to pages that are no longer on the Web? The first relevant link was not very easy to find.

In addition, when I tried several terms that I knew went to very good Wikipedia pages, the top link was to the discussion page on Wikipedia, not the relevant page itself. search is all about finding the relevant, useful page fastest. cuil in this outing fails at that for me.

cuil still has a long way to go to overcome Google. But since its launch was to big, I am going to take it really slow, with a lot of convincing from others, before I try it again.

Others have discussed how it was able to get hyped so much on day one or how it just does not do what they need a search engine to do.

It might have been better to have a smaller launch and work out the bugs first.