Medicine 2.0

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Why Health or Medicine 2.0? [ScienceRoll]:
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While medicine is usually at the forefront of new technology for diagnosis and treatment, the patient-doctor interface has not followed. Perhaps that might change soon.

Some interesting statistics have recently been published. According to Pharma 2.0:

99% of physicians are online for personal or professional purposes
85% of offices have broadband
83% consider the Internet essential to their practice

So doctors are online.

At The Deloitte Center, you will find even more details about the web usage of health consumers. Yes, there will be much more patients who seek health-related information on the web and who want to communicate with their doctors via e-mail or Skype.

And patients are ready.

We have tools to work with:

And we have concepts.

So it will happen because patients and doctors need to have contact. The question is how long will it take?

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