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How Do I Add FriendFeed Comments to My Blog:

Hey, smarter people: how do I add a FriendFeed comments module under my blog comments? I want to see all these great comments. Just found these several days later:


Man, so many great people saying great things, and I didn’t engage at all. : (

Not only is this blog entry a great example of how to start a conversation (i.e. ask your community), the comments are a great example of how the conversation progresses. They provide a solution, naturally, but there is also extensive debugging help to get it to work. Eventually, the creator of the needed plug-in arrives to help and ends up making his own software better.

So by asking for help, the community not only provided an answer to Chris, it helped troubleshoot and make the product even better. All in less than 24 hours. How is that for a development cycle!

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Ross is right

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Socialtext is Growing Up:
[Via Enterprise 2.0 Blog]

I had a great chat with Socialtext’s co-founder Ross Mayfield this week, and he highlighted a few interesting facts about wiki implementations. Notably, he says that wikis fail in the enterprise if they are imposed by IT, rather than by business groups. This is not surprising, but it’s required the company to think hard about

Ross is a smart guy. I met him several years ago at an AlwaysOn meeting at Stanford in 2003. Socialtext has been doing wiki’s from the beginning so they know some of the barriers that have to be surmounted.

And what he says applies not only to wikis but also to any Web 2.0 approach. The individuals have to see why it is worth their time to change their workflow. And the tools had better help them to that or the tools will languish.

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