Fun inside the firewall

monument valley by Wolfgang Staudt
IBM Builds LOTS of Social Apps:

My friend Luke sent me this BusinessWeek article about enterprise social network tools. There’s lots here.

First, take away from this that the social network technologies you know about in the consumer space are being rebuilt inside the firewall for business. Why? Those apps are perfect for business, because they do a better job of communicating information the way humans figure it out.

Second, understand that there are people looking for more from their social applications than food fight and super fun wall. If you’re developing, consider what might make for good business applications.

Third, bear in mind that what you might be doing for fun and leisure right now on the social networks might give you an edge on using collaborative technologies in upcoming months. It might just be the thing you’re doing at work, and not just the thing you’re doing at home.

What do you think about all this?

Welcome to the new world. Entertainment is driving the leading wedge of Web 2.0 but the rocket it lights under social media is not escaping the notice of business. Being able to not only capture tacit information but also to help create new knowledge are two of the most useful aspects of Web 2.0

When applied to science, these social tools will help get the right information to the right places. By making it useful to the end user, these tools will help workflow and increase productivity.

In this new world, weirdly, IBM may be leading the way, a distinct difference from how it dealt with the personal computer revolution.

Perhaps even the largest of companies can learn from past errors.

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