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Giving Good Poke: Using Social Apps & Media for Social Causes – Beth Kanter

Her slides.

Lots of interesting ways to raise money. (Beth’s blog). used social networks to raise money. What gets through to donars and what annoys them. Has done this 3 times.

Sharing Foundations (raised $93,000!). Used America’s giving challenge. 1 individual to get most unique donars. 50 days. Dec 13 at 3 PM. She opened her Kimono (asked her community to help. Possible downside overwhelmed by huge upside. Good ideas beat possble cheaters.)

Strategy – Make it personal (shared experience, etc.). She cares about Cambodia because her children come from Cambodia. expalin whoy I care about the cause.

remake ladder of engagement (check out slide when it comes online.) Stories become very important. Talked about children, donors, examples of how people engaged, make getting on bus something people want to do.

Used stories to engage individual needs. makes story useful to user outside of specific request.

build relationship. reward people (especially new people). working on how to reward. reciprocity (asker and usrer need to connect. write about other causes. give to others. etc.

connect with others who can be part of campaign. (she used CC. she supported them before so they helped her.)

use social netowrks to help connect (found cambodian who wanted to be a lawyer. connected with CC)

fun and passion are important.

put up birthday and mentioned sending money. social networking sent it all out. asked 51 people to donate $10 for her 51st birthday. used all her social network tech (twitter, flickr, blog, youtube) to make it viral.

then summarized it all on blog. had >250 givers. Still had 20 days left. continued using blog to tell stories. lots of networking going on that she did not have any prior knowledge of. then used twwitter rally. tried to get largest as rapidly. used twitter a lot to get quick messages. raised money this way very fast.

used face to face also.

in 1st place with 24 hours left. had to fly to TX. offline for 6 hours. left in 2nd landed in 5th. through all out effort to network – asking for help from everyone in network to help. twitter would not let her lose. everyone in her network helped.

twittered last hour. ended up winning. raised $50,000

then say thank you in creative fashion.

[WOW, really passionate speaker/ uniques insights. I have been tracking her blog for a while and it is very useful for non-profits.]

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