GSP – Facebook marketing and brands

Your Business on Facebook: Facebook Marketing 101 – Rodney Rumford

Average time online – online 20 minutes a day.

FB core is as a communication platform. Need to leverage WOMA. low cost acquisition of client. Acquire customers easily.

Use for lead generation. extend brand. allocate funds for extension and experimentation. use targeted ads, beacon, paid groups. guerilla marketing. This takes time and transparencies.

need very specific and cohesive strategy. half assed approaches do not work well.

microtouch – can play game online and gives way to start new communication. easier and quicker than real life communication.

Where I’ve Been – 65K users each day. opportunity for relevant brands and relevancy.

Sponsored groups. Firefox – 25K members. spread its influence.

Facebook ads – very specific targeting of ads. much better discussion of why it is useul and relevant rather than just targeting at. not very high click-through rates. [I hate use of TARGET. need better marketing ;-)

better if ad has friend;s face on it. [but need to make this user permission given rather than by FB]

Are pages better than a group? Better control and branding when it is small number.

3rd party Ad networks – Adknowledge. asychronous gaming is a possibility, like Zynga and SGN.

Need to make sure there is a definition of success. What is FB? is a problem when dealing with decision makers.

lowering number forced invites is a good thing. feel free to friend him on FB.

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