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Social Networks & the NEED for FEEDS

Sean Ammirati (mSpoke / ReadWriteWeb), Ian Kennedy (Yahoo!), Bret Taylor (FriendFeed), Kevin Marks (Google), David Recordon (Six Apart).

I’m not sure who is who but it is a nice discussion.

difference between email (where immediacy is important) and blogs (where response is much more leisurely. Public vs. private approaches. what is in feed should be public or not?

lots of info is public in technical sense but not in a useful fashion. by making flickr photos open to all lowes rebroadcast of them in huge fashion. but this means levels of privacy need to be controlled.That is, it should not be easy for someone to easily release all sorts of important private information by accident [as in email and reply all]

Users need to have control or they will not use it. Uploading photos need to be included also. FB can pull in my newsfeeds but makes it impossible for users to tell others what they are doing [like twitter?]

technical issues becoming a problem. FB made choices that it may have top adjust. i.e. flickr allows users to make photos public in ways that fb does not.

sites are getting better at granularizing privacy. adding layers becomes complex. contacts change (i.e. leaving a business) so how does apps reflect this. so starting early and simple. then add more as needed.

adam – kevin marks (microformats). how do you remove supes (i.e. photos on flickr, twitter, etc.) needs for consistent look. media rss 9diffferent thumbnails, etc.)

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