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We Do Different Things:
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The roles many blogs take, not surprisingly, are very different. They fulfill many of the same functions seen in face-to-face social networks: connector, innovator, aggregator, gossip, etc.

We do different things.

There’s nothing more flattering than being lumped in blog posts alongside Robert or Jason Calacanis or all the other folks who also write a blog on the web. But you have to realize that we do different things. (people are welcome to disagree with my characterizations of them).

Robert Scoble writes about really exciting new things, and he shows videos, and he connects humans, and he scours this space for new amazing things.

Louis Gray seems to own the aggregator/repurposing space, with things like FriendFeed, SocialThing, etc.

Seth Godin is a marketer’s marketer, and points out the human experience with products and services.

Jason Calacanis has a strong history in the web space, and also talks from a media maker’s perspective.

Jeremiah Owyang writes more analysis-based posts on social marketing as an industry.

I could go on for a while, but I guess the point is this: we all keep blogs. We all type about things. But we’re different and offer a different set of take-aways from our writing and thought processes.

That is what is so important about newsfeeds and RSS. Using the right software, they bring together all these diverse thought processes. It is almost like have a virtual conference room filled with some extremely interesting and creative people.

What is often begun as a personal approach towards communication can become, when aggregated, a very rich and very deep conversation, particularly when you add your own perspective on your own blog.

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