Web 2.0 and the Enterprise

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How 300,000 IBM employees use Bluepedia wiki:
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IBM gets wikis. In a 300,000+ person enterprise, a wiki enables emergent collaboration and expertise:

BluePedia is an encyclopedia of general knowledge about IBM, co-authored by IBMers for IBMers, which enables the collection of expertise and know-how of more than 300,000 IBMers around the world into a simple, searchable resource that is easily expanded, shared and used. The single, global co-authoring platform enables the development and implementation of a common worldwide vocabulary and easy recognition and identification of subject matter experts.

300,000 is a lot. Not many companies are going to have that many for a wiki. But from their press release, there is a lot more IBM is doing with Web 2.0 technologies. I am sure we will hear more in the next year.

I did like this from the release:

Web 2.0 technologies create open, collaborative spaces that eliminate the traditional hurdles created by time and distance that businesses worldwide have traditionally faced. The marriage of videos, blogs, and custom publishing enable working professionals to exchange ideas and perspectives using rich, multi-dimensional platforms that foster a two-way dialogue within an enterprise.

As a result, employees can leverage the technology available at their fingertips, regardless of time and place, to drive innovative ideas throughout their enterprises. By linking with several other development sites, guests experienced how IBM technologies drive efficiency, innovation, across the enterprise and tap into high-value skills from the company’s top talent, around the world, to solve the specific needs of its clients.

Companies whose basic products depend on the continuing creativity and innovation of its employees will have tremendous increases in productivity with these tools. The key will be that these tools have to be as flexible and open as possible, allowing new uses to be created by the user, not by the vendor.

The world will move too fast to wait for the vendor to provide the latest tools. IBM will fail here if they lock users into something bloated like Lotus . Lotus was useful for certain directed tasks but was unwieldy when required to adapt to changing or novel environments. It required a superior development staff to keep up. Web 2.0 tools will only succeed when the actual development is minimal and when the users can accomplish what they need themselves.

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