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myScience: “social software” for scientists:
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myExperimentWith apologies to Jonathan Swift:

“Great sites have little sites upon their back to bite ‘em
And little sites have lesser sites, and so ad infinitum…”

So what happened was, Carole Goble asked on the myExperiment mailing list, “is there a list of scientist social networking sites”? Here is first attempt at such a list (not comprehensive), you’ll have to decide for yourself which are the great, greater, little and lesser sites.

For simplicity, I’ll break social software down into social networking, data sharing, blogging, ranking and video. These categories aren’t exclusive, as some sites do more than one of these tasks, but they help to classify the wild wild web of social software.

The sites listed here are some very useful ones to get started with scientific Web 2.0 sites. Although ‘out in the wild’, they are where the cutting edge of Open Science is taking place. Thus, they are useful touchstones for the latest innovations.

Not all really solve an urgent problem but that is the nature of Web 2.0. Start with something simple and move towards perfection. Along the way, urgent problems may get solved.

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