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Tips for Delivering a Successful Online Experience:
[Via eLearn Magazine]

Standing in front of an audience is no easy task, as any talk show host or comedian would attest. Unfortunately when a seminar moves into the virtual world, capturing the attention of your audience can be even more difficult. How can you keep everyone engaged and informed? Richard Watson has several helpful techniques which constitute a major improvement over picturing the audience naked.

As increasing numbers of our collaborations take place online, these sorts of events will become even more common. These tips can be really useful, such as getting a high quality headset rather than use speaker phone. Not only will they sound better but they will be less likely to yell into the speaker with the misguided notion that others will not hear you otherwise.

Now if we could just modify the speaker spider found in many conference rooms – the one with multiple speakers for several people. They never get placed where everyone can both be heard and hear what others say from the speakers.

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