Moving email to Web 2.0

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Examples of re-purposing email:
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In a past post I talked about Re-purposing email, and after that I was going to give some examples, but I got sidetracked on what blogs an enterprise would have when it would come to communications, see Enterprise blog channels for communications.

If these examples seem universal, then perhaps we can start a”Re-purposing email wiki” I’m sure Luis Suarez would agree.

Emails are not just about communications, sometimes they are about collanoration, tasks, sharing tips, etc…

This post is not just focusing on communication type blog posts, in fact it’s not focusing on blogs at all. It’s going through example emails and proposing how that email could be re-purposed.

What I have done is listed the email under the social tool it could of been delivered in.

Some very good examples of what type of emails can be moved to other spots using Web 2.0 approaches. This not only makes the information much more accessible but also helps lessen email overload.

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