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Enterprise blog channels for communications:
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This post is an idea, thinking out loud, something to build upon, or perhaps something that is a bad idea…see what you think.

This is a follow-up to my post, Re-purposing email meme, which explained the email problem (overload, siloed) and how a “re-purposing email” idea with social tools can help reduce the anxiety and act as a catalyst for an open, collaborative, conversational and emergent social enterprise.

One thing to note is that you don’t save or waste time, you spend the same amount of time, only spread across various tools…what you are doing is spending your time more wisely (social productivity).

The focus of a future post will be examples of emails, and in what way they can be re-purposed.

But for now I want to examine exactly how blog communication is going to replace email, except emails for private or sensitive one-to-one correspondence.

This post is only about one type of blog use, and that is “communications“.
This is an In-the-Flow usage scenario as the concept is to use blogs instead of email for something we are already doing…this is not an extra thing we have to do, it’s substituting a tool.

Another long but interesting post that begins a conversation about uses for blogs that are in the flow. These are business uses that are part of your normal daily work. Substituting ‘in the flow’ work using email with work using a blog.

There are some very interesting ideas here since a blog is often seen for ‘out of the flow’ work – comments, ideas, works in progress. While this post is a work in progress and therefore can be seen as out of the flow, it addresses some ideas that could impact in the flow work habits.

Some things to think about.

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