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John Tropea: “tools are the conduit for this culture change”
[Via Grow Your Wiki]

John Tropea says people need to understand why they should use Web 2.0 tools in organizations, not just “because everyone else is doing it so I need to as well, and I’ll just use this recipe approach.”

Web 2.0 is not really something completely different. It involves new tools that help us do what we already want to do, just with greater ease. But people do not normally make such changes in their behavior without some real knowledge of the benefits AND difficulties. It is important to help them leap the chasm between the old way and the new way. But it is only a difference in doing things.

Of course, once they start doing the old things in a new way, they will also discover how to do new things in a new way. Just as TV started out as visual radio then became its own medium, so will Web 2.0 technologies start out as something similar to email or chat before revealing its own uniqueness. You won’t get people to use it though by saying it is unique. You have to show them how it will make their life easier.

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