I missed the first 18!

by MuniMan

Bio::Blogs #18:

The 18th edition of Bio::Blogs can be read at Bioinformatics Zen. The main focus of this months’ edition is Open Science with many links to interesting new developments. In particular go have a look at this video that Michael Barton made about science and the web. Unless there are any other volunteers the 19th edition of Bio::Blogs will be hosted by me again at Public Rambling.

Bioinformatics and Open Science seem to be made for each other. There is a proposal to discuss Open Science at the Pacific Symposium of Biocomputing next year. I hope it gets accepted. I’d love a reason to go to Hawaii.

Additionally, the increasing use of these sorts of aggregations, also called Carnivals, is a very novel expansion of normal scientific tendencies. Each member of the community gets to host the Carnival, which is mostly made up of links to appropriate posts by other members. So, it is a great way for all the members of the community to get to know each other. It also allows new members to very quickly get up to speed with who does what in the community. Another example of how social media can speed up even internet time.


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