GSP LiveBlog:Facebook

Here are slides for Charlene Li’s talk this morning (The Future of Social Networks) when I had no power for my computer.

Overview of Facebook Platform

First seminar where I have power is from Facebook. MySpace was this morning and I will have to transcribe my notes later.

There is a big difference so far between MySpace and Facebook presentations. Both discussed developers, since there are a lot at this meetings. But MySpace talked about how advertisers could “target AT” the user. While Facebook discussed much more how the user would be affected.

Taking about viral distribution rather than specific TARGETING. May be the same idea but terminology is different.

Talked about developer starting costs. Talked about multiple languages. Users can post best translation. Let users help to get translation and localize. [nice idea] Harness international users. [seems to me that you could then find best translators and pay them then. Permits monetizing being a good translator.]

Finding ways to leverage friends without having one to one. Makes one to many much easier. at least to 2nd level. But also need to make it easier for 3rd level. really see this with charities. [I need to do this with SBLFoundation].

Facebook photos is most prominent app in world. But it is simple. Look at development of other world class applications. (sports, religion, etc.).

Will be releasing commerce functionality. like credit cards. so once a user permits it, a developer can access and use credit cards (one click purchase) through Facebook. Further USER experience, [not just Target.]

Example: take IQ test using FB app. but before can get results have to provide 5 friends to app. Users do not like this at all. so forced invite will be reported to prevent this. It hurts long term development by doing this. FB wants positive feedback loop.

FB wants to make platforms frictionless.

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