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What Should Corporations Do With Their Blogs:

I was fortunate to be able to call together a great group of people at a moment’s notice to host a flash panel at the Pepsico Podcast Playground at SXSW. I wanted to talk about a Wall Street Journal article where AMD blogged about something and then Intel said blogs weren’t the place to talk about important issues. I pulled together George Smith, Jr, from Crocs, Christopher Barger from GM, Keith Burtis from Best Buy, Bonin Bough from Pepsico, Pat Moorhead from AMD, and Morgan Johnston from JetBlue for a conversation.

What follows is a video from the flash panel. I hope you’ll watch it and share your thoughts.

SXSW Flash Panel: Corporations & Social Media from Kipp Bodnar on Vimeo.

Thanks to everyone who participated.


Not only is this an very nice discussion of corporations and Web 2.0 approaches, it is also a video of an ad hoc meeting that could not have been seen just a few years ago.

The content is very interesting with charismatic people talking about something they are really focused on. The panel was put together very rapidly rather than planned out long ahead of time. It demonstrates the need to be agile and resilient when it comes to being innovative.

The technology that allows us to see this video requires tools that we now take for granted. It requires easy access to video to record the presentation. It requires a tool to permit the video to be edited and then a tool that allows the video to be displayed online.

This is a mashup of so many technologies, all to display a discussion about corporate blogs.

All to allow us to hear and see real executives, real people, discuss the problems and benefits of a particular Web 2.0 technology. It is a wonderful example of how ad hoc meetings can very rapidly disburse information to a large group of people.

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