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Visualizing Your Social Media Analytics Data Can Trigger Insights:
[Via Beth’s Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media]

See Larger Version here from Labnol’s Flickr Account

I’ve been thinking about reflections that you need to ask as you harvest your hard data and metrics for insights about your social media. When you get to your grand synthesis, you need to create visuals to convey the key points.

Charting and graphing your data helps you see patterns and trends more easily and articulate them to decision-makers. Digital Inspiration found this terrific visual field guide to selecting the right chart or graph or graph format. After you select your desired chart format, use the Chart Chooser to generate a PowerPoint or Excel template.


Presenting information requires a useful style to accurately display the data. This is a useful little chart to accomplish this. As you notice, bullet points are not included.

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