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I love blogging. Your sweat and you write and you post — and every so often you get the chance to have a detailed conversation with someone you’d never ordinarily engage with.

Such is the case today — I came to work and found myself scrolling through a multi-page thoughtful comment from John Tropea.

Rather than responding with another multi-page comment, I decided to put the discussion in a post, and respond (hopefully) conversationally.


This is a really nice discussion about top-down Communities of Practice, barriers to entry, how much ‘time’ to devote to oversight, duplicate commuities, etc. All things that any group investigating these technologies shoudl think about.

The key seems to be to find ways for the groups to grow organically with a lot of top-down overhead. But there does need to be some sort of light touch at the wheel, so to speak, for effective growth.

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