LinkedIn moves up

LinkedIn Throws a Little Upcoming Into the Site:

Funny, I used to crap on LinkedIn for now putting new technology onto their platform, and now I’m starting to sway the other way. LinkedIn just announced a new event application. So it’s like for businesses. I dig it. And then, I wonder what else we’re going to do here.

This is just a starting post. I have more on my mind, but I’m writing a book and attending a conference at the same time.

What do you think? If LinkedIn’s doing all kinds of apps, what do YOU want them to slip in there? (And if you say Twitter, I’ll poke you in the nose.)

LinkedIn is becoming more and more useful/important. Being able to examine events will be pretty nice. At the moment, it seems to filter the events a little arbitrarily (i.e. if I select ‘Greater Seattle Area’ it returns events in Chicago and New York). But this sure offers some real possibilities.

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