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LinkedIn Applications: I just added my blog and slideshare content! Wow!:
[Via Beth’s Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media]

LinkedIn is a professional network for business and (and nonprofit professionals.) It is often described as an online social network for job seekers. Perhaps because initially your profile was structured like an online version of your resume. Let me tell you, LinkedIn can be a terrific place to develop professional contacts, grow your business, and promote your work and opportunities. There are many good reasons why nonprofit professionals use online professional networking sites liked LinkedIn.

Earlier this week LinkedIn announced its applications platform that includes a small number of well-chosen apps that can enhance your professional networking profile. You can add your blog content, slide shows, reading lists, files, business travel, and more. (Chris Brogan calls the addition of adding your business travel schedule “dog clever.” Since LinkedIn is primarily a professional networking site that can help you find job prospects, works prospects, and

For my profile, I added BlogLink (it posts my blog posts to my profile automatically) and SlideShare’s Application. (In the video above SlideShare’s CEO Rashmi Sinha demonstrates the application.)

LinkedIn had quickly become a vital tool if you work more so than even a Rolodex. It is an example of how new online tools can leverage our connections and make them much easier to access.

Besides our own network, we can join groups of like-minded people and develop other connections. I have used it to track down old friends, to market seminars I am giving, to answer questions that others pose and generally keep in loos touch with a wide range of people and interests.

The ability to easily add applications really enhances the usefulness of the site. Many organizations have opened up their applications for others to use. This allows these sorts of innovations and provides these applications markets that would have been difficult to accomplish otherwise.

Now people can connect to what they are producing at other sites, automagically have that placed on their LinkedIn page, allowing others to get a good idea of what we are capable of. Not only is this easier to use than a Rolodex but now it can present a much more robust view of our work.

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