Twitter and the election

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Using Twitter to Monitor US Voting on November 4:
[Via Portals and KM]

Here is a great use of Twitter and Web 2.0. The Twitter Vote Report will use and 1-866-Our-Vote Hotline, voters to provide a new way to share difficult voting experiences (e.g., long lines, broken machines, inaccurate voting rolls) with one another and ensure that the media and watchdog groups are aware of any problems.

 From questions like “where do I vote” or “how do I make sure that my rights are being upheld,” Twitter Voter Report will augments these efforts by providing a new way for voters to send text messages (aka tweets) via cellphones or computers. These messages will be aggregated and mapped so that everyone can see the Nation's voting problems in real-time.

A Nationwide web map will display pins identifying every zip code where Americans are waiting over 30 minutes to vote or indicating those election districts where the voting machines are not working. Collectively the project particpants will inform each other when the lines are too long and ensure that media and watchdog groups know when and where problems exist.

If you are a Twitter user be sure to tap into this network.

While Twitter may not have immediate uses for some businesses, this is a good example of the massive collaborative efforts that Web 2.0 can provide. It will be interesting to see just how this goes next Tuesday.

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