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Dick Dale by milesgehm
[Most of the between session music has been pretty generic. But any session that plays Dick Dale before it starts is awesome. And it is one of his recent ones ‘Nitro‘. If they play Miserlou or better yet Pipeline with Stevie Ray Vaughn (bad movie, bad hair, great guitar duo), I may just go up afterwards and congratulate the sound guy. Yes, I love surf guitar and he is the King of the Surf Guitar. One of the two left-handed guitar players who revolutionized the instrument.]

#1 Background about Facebook and all the other social media networks. Talked about media networked devices such as appleTV and iPhone. Only from 1 company. Many other examples.

Now it can get large amounts of money. Now strategy is not how do you close it off but how you work in the open.

#2 RSS and Atom to consume feeds. publishing allows content to be open without accessing publishing site directly. microformats. even MS is going to open microformats.

But open also means privacy. need transparency. OAUTH – ‘valet’ key for the web. can set up access to website. password anti-pattern – importing contact lists without real approval.

so we have ways to share information. and more companies are embracing open standards such as IM clients. allows sites to interact.

ways to know who someone is – openID. happened in last year. microformat XFN – can link profiles from different accounts. link to frineds all around the web. mix social networks, FOAF, XFN and social graph API (Google). Live demo of power of social graph API.

Open Platforms – provides or consumes open api. use standards (when they exist) . Fire eagle. Twitter. plaxo. mashable.com.

Q&A – charlene li – openid took off fast. what is rate of uptake around open standard? it is increasing in a lot of areas. Speed is somewhat misleading since some of it took place at low level for a couple of years before implemented. having to get to stable standard before quick adoption.

What about mobile aspects? email/contacts broken since filtering aspects are hard. want to have email that access social profiles to help identify real friends and not fake friends.

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