Web 2.0 expo Keynote – O’Reilly talk

O'Reilly by takeshi

enterprise wants in to Web 2.0 heart of it is collective intelligence, it is about using data to provide services.

PageRank begining of web 2.0. people vote by links. wesabe – how people spend their money is a vote. can mine in waays that banks will not. let into back office.

cloud computing – if you are not connected to the cloud, it is worthless.no more computers. connectors to web.

difference between wordpress and facebook – why was facebook worth 15 billion and wordpress only 200M? market values consolidation but this is against where we want to go. web 2.0 is not just putting everything in one pot.

every true web 2.0 is building a database. but this leads to centralized databases which negate positive aspects of web. have to maintain openness.

Mobile – more than iPhone. more important than just a phone. synch online. dashboard on car. use to provide traffic flow from GPS. quake catcher uses Mac accelerometer to detect earthquakes. leads to ambient computing. sensors detect and create database without needing a keyboard.

confluence of tech and circumstance create opportunity to remake world. create congress. public markup.org. InStedd – infectious disease outbreaks. use google earth to track deforestation. alternative energy needs.

don;t follow headlines. go after hard problems. read the man watching by rainier maria rilke.

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