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[Semi-live blogging. I am uploading this after the talk from the Blogger’s lounge. I’ve tried to correct spelling but grammar may be a little lacking. I wanted to keep the immediacy.]

(not the carrier)

Still tackling same problems since 1988. Awareness builds branded web 2.0. broad participation. frictionless participation and credible content. this should be on all sites.

got investors from both enterprise and web 2.0

improve collaboration. take inside head info. and mash it up. provide context. inside enterprise it is all email. need to move away from crm, best practices, knowledge management.

problems of connecting personally gets harder as you scale. finding right people is hard. finding info is hard. context matters.

email is hard for newbies. and when people leave, that content is gone. at MS for 11 years. in year 8, wanted back to sales. told he was not sales. he was marketing. but he was in sales in year 1. it had been completely erased from corporate memory. people want credit and they want to be remembered.

On internet, know what you did on 2004 because it is already there. people know who/what you do. RSS/aggregators – bring disparate info together. end-users in control of data.

need good search. friend of a friend. move away from IT throttling exchange.

enterprise needs – security. accountability. ROI. departmental buy-in. structure. balanced with frictionless participation. anonymity? leap of faith. borderless. self-organization. grass roots.

missing from enterprise – notion of friends lists. self-created groups. sms or mobile strategy. personal profiles. personal blogs.

twitter works for individual even if no one else reads it.

fears – culture. swarming behavior. snark. worried about bad things.

need broad participation. everyone has to contribute and become part of community. works both ways from internal to external and back.

frictionless participation – don’t confuse with tools. get content into system. no new silos. awareness keeps the data together. uses different presentations.

content is corporate asset. compliance. departments want to know they will be separate and individuals need to get credit. my contributions are never presented as someone else’s.

want personal profiles. leverage. points of enthusiasm. certain events will trigger high participation. company meetings. employee reviews. file out form. voting, etc.

leverage any popular public web 2.0. allow them to submit content from facebook.

company culture – moderated vs open. structure vs self-organized. categories vs. tags. sizzle. profiles. is mobile important?

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