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Seattle Channel Video can be played in Flash Player 9 and up On September 14, I moderated a discussion between Ash Awad, Vice President of Energy & Facility Services at McKinstry; and Daniel Friedman, Dean of the College of Built Environments at the University of Washington. The topic was A Conversation About Sustainable Design and […]

I continue to have some discussions in comments of my Scienceblogs post that results in a treatise on my part. Greg Laden is the most recent victim of my verbosity – he has a great blog. And, as with the previous reply to David Croty, I’ve decided to put it up as a post. Mainly […]

by D’Arcy Norman I wrote this in response to a comment left by David Croty – who is one of the guys at the great site, The Scholarly Kitchen – at my previous post on the blowup at Scienceblogs. The inherent problem is that the best interests of the company running the social network often […]

by o palsson   Bora and PalMD leave ScienceBlogs: What to do now? [Via Respectful Insolence] I can’t believe it. I really can’t believe it. I really, really, really can’t believe it. Bora has left ScienceBlogs. Readers of just this blog probably don’t know what a body blow that is to the ScienceBlogs collective. Readers of […]

Sometimes failure is an option

The Long of Coming Up Short[Via] I didn’t take Calculus in high school, and I almost didn’t take Advanced Placement (AP) American History for fear that I wouldn’t get an A. In retrospect, given that I’ve pursued a career in finance, achieving a B in Calculus rather than knowing little to nothing on the […]

   I’ve been working on a series of seminars. I hope to announce more of them soon but I have the first one ready. You’re not crazy. You are innovative. will examine the disruptive innovators in a community. These people are absolutely critical for the introduction of new ideas into an organizations – ideas that […]

Why science communication often fails

by o palsson A great paradox of the current world: Researchers are probably uniquely qualified to present the facts about much of the complexity we are dealing with, allowing us to make rational decisions about the problems facing us. But their training also makes them uniquely UNABLE to provide the stories that people will actually […]

Who am I?

I figure that I may be getting some traffic from the Huffington Post article so an introduction. I’ve been working in the field of biotechnology since the early 80s, spending 16 years as a researcher at Immunex, the premier biotech in the Seattle area until it was bought by Amgen. It was an incredible crucible […]

My Op/Ed in Xconomy

by kaibara87 The opinion piece I wrote for Xconomy has been published. Luke Timmerman asked me on Monday to examine the bill and the sections that impacted the Biotechnology industry. I had not even realized there were parts of the huge healthcare reform bill. I started writing on Monday evening and got Luke my version […]

by BruceTurner Edward Tufte Presidential Appointment [Via Daring Fireball] President Obama has appointed Edward Tufte to the Recovery Independent Advisory Panel, “whose job is to track and explain $787 billion in recovery stimulus funds”. Outstanding. [More] This is pretty cool. Tufte is one of my favorite people, not only for his highly original books on […]