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  Advances in health IT must be viewed as a whole[Via O’Reilly Radar] Reformers in health care claim gigantic disruption on the horizon: devices that track our movements, new treatments through massive data crunching, fluid electronic records that reflect the patient’s status wherever she goes, and even the end of the doctor’s role. But predictions […]

Lean LaunchPad | [Via  Steve Blank] We’re deep into week 2 of teaching a Lean LaunchPad class for Life Sciences and Health Care (therapeutics, diagnostics, devices and digital health) this October at UCSF with a team of veteran venture capitalists. Part 1 of this post described the issues in the drug discovery. Part 2 covered medical devices and digital […]

Consider the Facts: moving people to deliberative thinking is an experiment in several ways. The project itself involves experimentation to examine a hypothesis. But the process of raising money for research through crowdfunding is also an experiment. Can a group of people in the public sphere create, vet and support active scientific research? What is required […]

We are down to the last days and we are only halfway to our goal. We need to find out if the Asteroid will really save mankind. NASA sure thinks so, based on this video: Help make this happen.

So much going on that this blog has not been updated for awhile. Consider the Facts is a fun experiment into crowdfunding research projects. It will provide the tools to examine how we might change people’s views about the future. We have some things to do during the dead time the efforts are now in – people […]

Consider the Facts is the most successful finalist in the #CrowdGrant Challenge sponsored by RocketHub and Popular Science so far. That did not just happen. Crowdfunding projects usually succeed because they activate a community to action. Maybe it’s fans of a TV show. Or space enthusiasts who want to send up a satellite. If that […]

[iframe src=”” allowtransparency=”true” frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no” width=”288″ height=”416] I have been juggling a lot since the launch. Keeping all the social media on board can be tricky, especially since this project is an experiment. Historically using stories—ones that engage rapid, rules of thumb thinking first and create a counterintuitive reaction—has been a way to teach people complex social lessons. […]

My RocketHub crowdfunding research project is now up and going. I plan on making some changes around this website as it moves forward.

Some people cannot see this on Facebook so I am trying to see if this works.

I’ve been working of a crowdfunding project based on my Ignite presentation above. Popular Science is collaborating with RocketHub to fund science projects. Sounds just up my alley. But the deadline is this Sunday. Since I only found out about it about a week ago, I’ve been spending a lot of time getting it all […]