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  Pixar’s Ed Catmull: It was the changed Steve Jobs that made Apple great[Via MacDailyNews] Michal Lev-Ram reports for Fortune, “For our recent cover story on Disney, I sat down with Ed Catmull at Pixar headquarters. Here is an edited excerpt from our conversation in October, which ranged from Pixar’s rocky beginnings to Disney’s use […]

Even in large cities, we build tightly-knit communities [Via Boing Boing] A study of group clustering–do your friends know each other?–shows that it does not change with city size. [via Flowing Data] [More] An average person in the small town (population – 4233) has 6 connections who have a 25% chance of knowing each other. In […]

    How do we shift to a more agile organization? Podio a Case Study[Via Robert Paterson’s Weblog] Most people would agree that many organizations today are too stiff, too slow and too disconnected to do well in the complex world we live in now.  Many large organizations have placed their bet on a new […]

Consider the Facts: moving people to deliberative thinking is an experiment in several ways. The project itself involves experimentation to examine a hypothesis. But the process of raising money for research through crowdfunding is also an experiment. Can a group of people in the public sphere create, vet and support active scientific research? What is required […]

Quiet spaces

by ajari Five Collaboration Tips from Introverts[Via Greater Good] In her new book Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking, attorney Susan Cain pits two starkly different work styles against each other. On one side, we have the pro-collaboration, open workspace plan camp. On the other, we have the solitude-is-good supporters […]

by merfam The Class That Built Apps, and Fortunes [Via NYT > Home] In 2007, the “Facebook Class” at Stanford created free apps for millions of users. But it also fired up the careers of many students and pioneered a new model of entrepreneurship. [More] I was at a meeting in 2008 where this […]

[Crossposted at A Man with A PhD] by Brian Hillegas Is Reasoning Built for Winning Arguments, Rather Than Finding Truth? [Via The Intersection] How is this for timing? Just as my Mother Jones piece on motivated reasoning came out, the journal Behavioral and Brain Sciences devoted an entire issue to the case for an “argumentative […]

Check out the news section of the registration page to see why the Early Bird tickets are $3 off for a limited time. What happens when the brightest researchers in Seattle get together to talk, eat, drink and listen to each other? Join us May 24 for the organizational meeting of BioScience on the Brink. […]

by bizmac How Mac OS X Came To Be [Exclusive 10th Anniversary Story] | Cult of Mac [Via Cult of Mac] Mac OS X celebrates its tenth birthday today. The groundbreaking operating system was introduced to the public on March 24, 2001. Mac OS X helped reverse Apple’s fortunes in the desktop PC market, and […]

$76 billion a year from a tableful of products [Via asymco] During the calendar year 2010 Apple spent nearly $2 billion in R&D. That is a significant increase from $714 million in 2006. However, as a percent of sales, R&D spending has decreased. Sales have grown more rapidly than resources hired to develop the products […]