Science in the open

by jeffpearce Progress toward Public Access to Science: [Via PLoS Biology: New Articles] PLoS Chairman of the Board Harold Varmus applauds the newly enacted NIH public access policy as a positive step toward ensuring greater access to and better use of the scientific literature. This very nicely discusses some of the recent changes that are […]

Teaching science

by Vik Nanda Rethinking Outreach: Teaching the Process of Science through Modeling: [Via PLoS Biology: New Articles] How can we get high school students interested in science? Here is a program that matches students with researchers, with the purpose of building a physical model of the protein being investigated in the lab. What an outstanding […]


by vulture1960 We should have a working contact page now, with a form to send an email to us, without anyone having to worry about spam. So feel free to drop us a line.

It’s Alive!

by kevindooley We are up. It appears that everything is working. All the tweaks seem to be working. Technorati Tags: General

A little setback

We have had to move the start date back a few days. Some little problems with some of the coding for the web site. We hope to have it cleared up soon and plan on having the complete site up before the end of the week. Until then, enjoy the blog.

Old versus New

by cesstrelle74 Web 2.0: In defense of editors: [Via Bench Marks] Ran into a few very interesting (and very different) articles last week, which I wanted to comment on (more posts to follow). First up is a blog posting on Sciencebase that quotes chemist (and blogger) Joerg Kurt Wegner, with a proposal that the solution […]

by Clearly Ambiguous Work-in-Progress Culture: [Via Transparent Office] Michael Idinopulos makes a great observation – Web 2.0 is collaboration in public. Fewer closed doors and more open hallways. The real paradigm shift in Web 2.0, I believe, is the blurring the line between publication and collaboration. In the old days, people collaborated in private. They […]

Slides gone bad

This is pretty hard to believe. 65 slides! And there are so many things wrong with each slide: horrible colors, too much clutter on slides, fonts too small. Just to name a few. Each slide would have to take several minutes to get through, by which time everyone is zoned out and does not get […]

Discussing Science 2.0

by geishaboy500 Web 2.0 for Biologists-Are any of the current tools worth using?: [Via Bench Marks] David Crotty has been leading a discussion regarding the acceptance of Science 2.0 by scientists. Or rather the non-acceptance. It is ironic to use Web 2.0 approaches to examine why scientists do not use Web 2.0 approaches. But entirely […]

by NASA /Hubble Heritage Team Justifying Social Software: [Via A Journey In Social Media] It’s true that most organizations won’t move forward with significant investments without some sort of justification. And it’s also true that the category of “productivity software” is perhaps the most difficult thing to justify. So, I thought I’d spend this post […]


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