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Blogging to learn

Learning through Blogging: Graduate Student Experiences: Robert Davison, an Associate Professor of Information Systems at the City University of Hong Kong, has found blogs to be an essential tool even in the traditional graduate-level classroom. Among the benefits: On blogs, students tend to document that which is understood tacitly, and often learn from each other […]

GSP – distributed net

DiSo & The Web Citizen: Distributed Social Networking Starts Here Chris Messina discussed previous communities (Civic SPace; Flock; BarCamp; OpenID) social networking is not about the ads; lots of friends you never meet; forced friendships. so try distributed models.. first social networks had niches (mySpace, Facebook, Linkedin) Each system required you to create yourself each […]

GSP – panel of widgets

Widget Strategies & Social Platforms Jeremiah Owyang (Forrester Research), Hooman Radfar (Clearspring Technologies, Inc.), Walker Fenton(NewsGator), Pam Webber (Widgetbox), Ben Pashman (Gigya) Jeremiah – moderator. 2/3 of online teens visit social networking sites daily. only 8% use them daily. what do they do? see frends are up to; send messages; peeping at somsone’s profile that […]

GSP – panel on feeds

Social Networks & the NEED for FEEDS Sean Ammirati (mSpoke / ReadWriteWeb), Ian Kennedy (Yahoo!), Bret Taylor (FriendFeed), Kevin Marks (Google), David Recordon (Six Apart). I’m not sure who is who but it is a nice discussion. difference between email (where immediacy is important) and blogs (where response is much more leisurely. Public vs. private […]

GSP – Charities and Social networks

Giving Good Poke: Using Social Apps & Media for Social Causes – Beth Kanter Her slides. Lots of interesting ways to raise money. (Beth’s blog). used social networks to raise money. What gets through to donars and what annoys them. Has done this 3 times. Sharing Foundations (raised $93,000!). Used America’s giving challenge. 1 individual […]

GSP – Facebook marketing and brands

Your Business on Facebook: Facebook Marketing 101 – Rodney Rumford Average time online – online 20 minutes a day. FB core is as a communication platform. Need to leverage WOMA. low cost acquisition of client. Acquire customers easily. Use for lead generation. extend brand. allocate funds for extension and experimentation. use targeted ads, beacon, paid […]

GSP: Stanford FB App class

Ten Million in Ten Weeks: What Stanford Learned Building Facebook Apps I just listened to most of this (no notetaking) because it was just an incredible story. some good lessons. Many crummy trials better than deep thinking. Students that shared the most were also at top of lists of apps. Generated close to $1 million […]

GSP LiveBlog:Facebook

Here are slides for Charlene Li’s talk this morning (The Future of Social Networks) when I had no power for my computer. Overview of Facebook Platform First seminar where I have power is from Facebook. MySpace was this morning and I will have to transcribe my notes later. There is a big difference so far […]

Graphing Social Patterns

I’m at the O’Reilly GSP conference in San Diego. Lots of power strips but no power for the first session. They did get them going at the break. It is no fun to be at a meeting with no power and watch your computer’s battery just go down. Lots of outlets is what we crave.

Watch for it.